Events Calendar

Thursday, 1st June

Friday, 2nd June


18:00 – Workshop

Join us for the hands-on workshop to master the fundamentals of Chainlink Solutions.

19:30 – Networking and Happy Hour Session



20:00 – Voulez-Vous (DJ set)

Saturday, 3rd June

11:00 – Bazar Malih prozvođača hrane

Web3 and Art, beyond the hype

12:00 –  Panel discussion

Why is Web3 good for artists? What does Web3 mean for content creators? How has NFT affected art?


Web 2.5 Acadamy 

18:00 – Fireside chat with our amazing lecturers: Pavle Batuta, Bogdan Ilić, Miljan Milidrag and Aleksa Milošević and after that, happy hour designed for networking.


Sunday, 4th June

Near Devs Day

12:00 – First part

  • Technical Workshop with Vikas Pandey: Dive deep into the topics of Zero-Knowledge Dev and NEAR as the BOS (Blockchain Operating System)
  • Panel with the partners: Vikas Pandey, Andrej Šarić, Moonstruck team

18:00 – Networking and grant opportunities 


Monday, 5th June


12:00 -TBA

Tuesday, 6th June


18:00 – TBA

Wednesday, 7th June


18:00 – TBA

Thursday, 8th June


12:00 – TBA

Web3 i Gaming- Ceres Blockchain Solutions and Moonstruck

18:00 – How does Web3 affect gaming? Can Web3 change the gaming industry? We will present the Web3 technology behind ongoing game development.


Friday, 9th June

Web3 & Energy sector

18:00 – Panel discussion

Could blockchain revolutionize the energy market?


Saturday, 10th June

Sunday, 11th June

Monday, 12th June

Tuesday, 13th June

Wednesday, 14th June

Thursday, 15th June

Friday, 16th June

Saturday, 17th June

Sunday, 18th June

Monday, 19th June

Tuesday, 20th June

Wednesday, 21st June

Monday, 22nd May

18:00 – Deli Monday: UNHCR

19:00 – Opening of the collective exhibition of art group “Suma”

Tuesday, 23rd May

18:00 – Language café

18:00 – AK Chess. Simultaneous exhibition w/ Eleyah (CM Ilija Stanojević)

Wednesday, 24th May

Thursday, 25th May

20:00 – Arya & ANDRA/Retrospektiva (concert)

Friday, 26th May

18:00 –Public Drawing Class: Pre-Raphaelite

21:00 – GistroPop (DJ set)

Saturday, 27th May

21:00 – Gagaverse – Lady Gaga Drag Show

Sunday, 28th May

18:00 – FIGURING AGE – A performance installation by Boglárka Börcsök & Andreas Bolm

21:00 – Elite Society Hip-Hop Birthday Party

Monday, 29th May

18:00 – Deli Monday: Iz Ukrajine sa ljubavlju

Tuesday, 30th May

Wednesday, 31st May

21:00 – El Perro (concert)

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