GRAD – European Centre for Culture and Debate, also known as KC GRAD, was opened in 2009. It is a product of a joint initiative of Cultural Front Belgrade and Amsterdam based Felix Meritis Foundation. KC Grad is situated in an old warehouse located in the old, neglected and rundown industrial neighborhood in the very heart of Belgrade, on the banks of the Sava river. GRAD organizes exhibitions, conferences, debates, book promotions, workshops, music programs, film screenings and many other events. Through all its programs and activities as well as cooperation that are established on regional and European level, KC Grad harness the power of culture and arts to contribute the social cohesion, cultural participation, mobility of artists and cultural workers and promotion of human rights.

The annual program of Grad gallery is one of the key programs of Cultural center Grad from the very beginning in terms of audience development and international cooperation. Every year, through an open call, the international board makes a selection of 10 to 15 suggested projects from the visual arts sphere. The main objective is to promote independent local and international artists and provide them with the space to share their art and ideas.

Artists in residence is the program organized from 2012 which aims to provide a space for artistic creation, for both local and international artists. During the two months period artists are given the opportunity to use the space of the GRAD gallery as an atelier.  The idea is not only to support aspiring artists, but also to empower sharing ideas and experiences. During the residency, the open studio days are organized for interested visitors and at the end of the program, a group exhibition is organized at the GRAD gallery.

Literary programs have been continuously organized since the opening of KC GRAD, which has changed its name and structure during the years, however the main goal remained unchanged. Literary program includes the promotion of new publications by new authors coming from Serbia, the region and worldwide, and support for small local publishing houses, while the additional aim is to empower critical thinking and debate. KC GRAD has also published a few editions, through the years, such as short story collections “Prostor za mokrog psa” and “Gradske priče”.

Deli Monday is the program that started in 2011 with the idea to serve gastronomic specialties coming from cuisines around the world but also to promote different initiatives. Every Monday artists, local chefs, diplomats and international organizations prepare different dishes. During the past years, the menu included French onion soup, hummus, solyanka, raclette, beef Bourguignon, enchiladas, pastas, different desserts and vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Music program is one of the core programs at KC Grad. It encompasses numerous genres, from indie, pop-rock, electronic and disco to jazz. On a yearly basis, approximately 200 music events are hosted where new independent artists and bands coming form both Serbia, the region and worldwide are presented.

Belgrade of Light is a unique event dedicated to the development and promotion of the culture of light. Ever since its founding in 2008, the goal of the event has been to assemble in Belgrade and in Serbia prominent international and local individuals and groups and to open an inspiring new chapter in approaching light – whether it concerns an artistic expression and design, energy saving or simply identity of a city and visions of a brighter future. The festival consists of exhibitions and art interventions in urban areas, educational workshops, lectures and programs for children and youth.

From the beginning, Grad has been a place where debates, talks and conferences have been organized. Topics includs cultural policy, entrepreneurship, human and minority rights, innovations, freedom of media, ecology, European integration, regional cooperation, etc.

A very important part of the programs at the center from the beginning are the programs concerning human rights and minority groups. For years, there have been regular programs such as BeFem (Belgrade feminist festival), Belgrade Pride week, exhibitions of art works by the Special prison hospital in Belgrade, drag queen evenings, talks on the rights of sexual workers and similar initiatives that have found their home at the Grad.

Film program at KC GRAD is usually organized through cooperation with film festivals that take place in Belgrade, as well as with local and international cultural centers and institutes such as the Cervantes Institute, the French Institute, the Goethe Institute, Israeli Embassy in Belgrade and so forth. The film program includes diverse genres from experimental to auteur films.

Language café is a regular program, organized once every two weeks, which aims to promote different languages and engage participants in the language learning process through casual conversations. The languages that are included are French, Chinese, Greek, Spanish, German, English, Serbian, Albanian, Russian, Swedish, Dutch…

Take a way fashion is a project that started in 2006 as a part of the regular program offer, organized by Cultural Front. The main goal is to provide local designers with the adequate showroom space in order to target a wider audience and attract potential clients. During the first ten years more than 60 events, presenting more than 700 designers, were organized. KC GRAD aspires to support local designers in order to help the development of the local fashion scene.

Mural painted on the facade of KC GRAD, looking onto the shores of River Sava, was created through cooperation with Dutch Embassy in Serbia. The mural was painted by TKV, a street artist from Belgrade. The mural showcases a young girl, her skin is orange and she is wearing Dutch traditional hat and smiles. Behind her the wall is painted in blue and the patterns resemble the Dutch porcelain.



Grad is multifunctional space and operates exhibition space, meeting rooms, residency studio, music hall and a Steve Austen café.

Grad is often used as an alternative to more conventional conference facilities and reception centres, hosting conferences, events and AGMs for a range of partners and clients.

PHONE / +381 11 328 2370
EMAIL / mail@gradbeograd.eu


Grad is runned by team of colleagues with different backgrounds but same enthusiasm about sharing ideas, developing of the local scene and interest in international cooperation.


DIRECTOR / Dejan Ubovic
ART DIRECTOR / Ljudmila Stratimirovic
PRODUCTION AND VENUE ENQUIRIES / Vanja Brankovic & Vanja Daggfeldt
MUSIC PROGRAM / Damjan Nedelkov


GENERAL MANAGER / Aleksandra Djordjevic