Headhop, Girls Next Gulag, DJ Lil Taty
Headhop is a Serbian dub band formed in Belgrade that consists of 3 members: Miloš Stevanović on trombone, Miloš Radičević as a producer, and Danilo Ristić on bass. Miloš Stevanović (aka Lavan) is a part of local hip hop collective Zicer Inc. and together with Danilo Ristić formes hardcore punk band Neven. Both of them are also producing & composing various music genres. Miloš Radičević is a Belgrade based producer & DJ who releases music under several pseudonyms: Lil Taty, BOTANIKA, Smetnja, DJ ANA KOURNIKOVA. He is also a co-owner of Minor Adjustments Records and MURK podcast main editor.
Girls Next Gulag
Born in Belgrade, Dobrivoje Milijanović (1981) designs sound for stage events, and creates electronic music and interactive sound sculptures, both at home and abroad, especially focusing on the intersection between science, sound and technology. He is also known as a member of collaborative noise/dub/techno project raum.null.
Vladimir Riznić (1980) is Belgrade born and based software developer and modular synth enthusiast. More than 10 years active in different music/performance projects, involving both innovative software and embedded hardware in art. Within his several ongoing projects Chien, Falling Elevator Music and Girls Next Gulag, creates dark and gloomy atmospheres with the colorful wires and cables of his modular synths and guitar pedals.

June 11 @ 20:00
20:00 — 00:00 (4h)

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